We’re happy to serve our Fort Lee community. Fort Lee Families spreads local family fun through destinations that are cultural, educational, recreational and appropriate for children. Join the Fort Lee Family, as they laugh and play, hike, drive, cycle,and float through the Tri-Cities and beyond.

What makes Fort Lee Families special?

At Fort Lee Families , we’re inspired by the belief that no matter where your planted, family fun can be had anywhere. We focus on the surrounding areas at large to efficiently bring your family quality information. We create content that honor the reader (our military families) while building real connections with our local towns and cities. This is however a publication for more than military families. It is for all the communities that surround and embrace this installation. The belief that you bloom where you are planted has led to a prosperous and adventurous lifestyle for our own “Fort Lee Family”, and we entrust that your family too will enjoy lots of fun utilizing our online publication to effectively plant your family here.

Our dedication to reach out to families to “Make Your Tour Fun” extends well into our commitment to our community. In addition to sharing events, tips, happening places ,laughs and resources, it is our intent to eventually sponsor and support many area events and charities serving our family of readers.

Words only tell part of the story. What truly makes a difference is the “staff” aka -Fort Lee Family. They are gracious, curious, smart, and passionate about living life to the fullest. They are the reason for Fort Lee Families.

Why trust Fort Lee Families?

Fort Lee Families is locally-owned by a military family who are also veterans ; that means relevant and timely content. If you would like to talk about how Fort Lee Families may assist you, please e-mail us.

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